Rules of Rough Stock Contractors

Rodeo_BreedingRough Stock Contractors

Rodeo organisers use rough stockย contractors to provide:

  • bucking bulls,
  • bucking horses,
  • calves and steers used in rodeo events

They must be approved by the APRA and be open financial members of the rodeo association.

The rules rough stock contractors must abide by include:

  1. All A.P.R.A. approved Stock Contractors to be open financial members of the A.P.R.A. in good standing.
  2. Stock Contractors are permitted to exclude 40% of their stock from the re ride pen (Prior to the draw being done). The exception being stock that has been drawn and then turned out. These stock automatically become re-ride stock. They cannot be excluded from the re-ride pen unless they are injured.
  3. If a head of stock is re-ridden for insufficient ability to buck then that head of stock is not allowed to buck again in the same contest at that rodeo.
  4. Cattle used for steer roping, team roping, cutting and other events shall not be used for steer wrestling or rope and tie.
  5. No ropes to remain tied to bulls once bull clears the chutes.
  6. Known chute fighting stock or stock repeatedly refusing to allow rider to take them out can be barred from future rodeos. Joint disqualification authorized by a judge and event director.
  7. Any Stock Contractor found guilty of mistreatment of livestock may be fined by the Board of Directors. Fine not to exceed $500.00.
  8. Stock must be numbered and list of required numbers be supplied to the rodeo secretary by at least one hour prior to commencement of the rodeo or slack for timed events.
  9. Rough Stock numbers must be supplied to APRA head office no later than 2:00pm EST on the Monday prior to the rodeo. Failure to do so will incur a $200.00 fine
  10. Stock Contractors are required to have stock readily available 1.5 hours prior to commencement of each event. Stock Contractors may be fined if the slack and/or performance does not commence at the advertised starting time in the โ€˜Rodeo Newsโ€™. Penalty to be imposed at the discretion of the board.
  11. Timed event stock in steer wrestling, rope and tie and team roping events can only be run three times at a one day rodeo, and at two or more days rodeo, only two runs a day are permitted.
  12. Stock contractors who supply stock for rodeos that are not suitable for an event may be fined the equivalent of the entire committee/stock levy paid for the particular event in which stock were unacceptable. Board of Directors to make final decision.
  13. The suitability of stock at rodeos must be decided by the Board of Directors in meeting.
  14. All contract bulls must be identified with ear tags bearing their registered numbers.
  15. All contract timed event stock must be identified with numbered ear tags.
  16. Stock Contractors and Producers must work a minimum of 5 APRA rodeos each rodeo season. Failure to do so will result in their name being removed from the Rodeo Stock Contractors and Producers list the following year. New applicants must introduce 3 new full rodeos to the APRA before being included on the promoter/producer list.
  17. All timed event stock contractors must supply suitable pads for the back of the timed event box.
  18. Bucking Stock of the Year must buck at a minimum of five APRA affiliated rodeos before being eligible for nomination. Nominations to be received in writing by the due date advised. The top 15 contestants in the respective events must submit their vote to Head Office within the timeframe allocated and advised to them. A $20 fine will be imposed for any contestant who does not vote.
  19. Untried stock cannot be used in roughstock events at APRA affiliated rodeos.
  20. All stock with the exemption of rope and tie and breakaway roping calves are to be number branded by fire or freeze brands. All stock can do one rodeo without a brand, after that they must be done. Failing to do so will incur a $25 per head fine which can be given by a judge or director.
  21. Hotshots must not be used over or above the chutes.
  22. Any rough stock withdrawn from a Rodeo event because of injury or sickness will not be allowed to enter a draw for a minimum of ten days.
  23. All portable timed event chutes must have V front and finger style gate.
  24. The vet in attendance at a rodeo in Victoria shall be appointed by APRA at the expense of the stock contractor. The vet will be required to report on the outcome to the APRA.